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I'm way behind on blogging. By way of catching up/explaining I'll just say that Chicago was fun, finals were not fun, and I'm glad it's summer now.

Printer's Row was really fun, even though it rained on and off both days. Not that I minded, but my mom seemed to want me to wear a rain jacket when it started to pour, and that was annoying.

When I was in Chicago I did an author presentation for the Mount Prospect Public Library. I spoke at the nearby Starbucks. It was awesome for many reasons, only a few being that a) it smelled like coffee deliciousness, b) I got to use a microphone, and c) the poster advertising the event was really cool.

Yeah, like I said, those are only a few of the reasons why it was awesome. I got to meet some neat new people and answer some really good questions they asked. Signing books was fun and I had my picture taken! (Speaking of which, if you took a picture with me, feel free to send it to me!) Also there was a film crew there. Later this summer I'll post a link to the program the library's TV channel is going to put together!

Overall it was just really fun. I'd definitely like to thank Rose Allen again for coordinating the whole thing.

Oh, and when I was in Chicago I had my first deep-dish pizza. Yum.


  1. Kieryn,
    Thanks so much for your kindness. On behalf of all of the teens and Library Staff here at Mount Prospect Public Library, thank you again for your dynamic presentation. I am adding several copies of your book to our YA collection. Until we meet again, best wishes. You Rock!

  2. Sounds like your Chicago trip was fun!

    >> Who has to wear a rain jacket when it's raining AND when you're the author of a book called "Rain"? Shouldn't you know all about rain and when to wear a coat or not? >> LOL.

    Hey, I'll look forward to seeing the program that the library channel is putting together! That sounds great. (wow, I wish my library had a TV channel!!)

    ~ Tarissa

  3. Deep Dish pizza is almost as good as New York pizza, in New York.

  4. I loved seeing you there! You are a very talented person.

  5. Yeah, I know I'm really late commenting on this, but it was awesome seeing you at Printer's Row!
    P.S. Thanks for adding me as a friend on Goodreads :)