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I just had a fun-filled (and I mean filled) three days in DC with three of my best friends. It was a blast—we toured the Capitol Building and hit the Smithsonians and the National Gallery of Art, took lots of pictures, saw the concert at the Air Force memorial Friday, and—of course—swept through the five-story mall. Thanks again to everyone for such an awesome weekend!

By far the coolest thing I experienced on the trip was an exhibit in the Natural History Museum—a huge setup of forensic anthropology! The displays showed everything from “How To Tell if a Skeleton is Male or Female” to “Reconstructing Facial Features Based on the Skull.” They also had a section about the Chesapeake Bay discoveries and skeletons from the site. The best part was the bone lab at the end—they invited you in to examine, ask questions about, and touch multiple bone specimens. Can you say awesome?? I chatted with some of the volunteers there about forensic anthropology, career options, murder mysteries, and our favorite CSI TV shows, like (of course!) Bones and (my favorite:) NCIS! It was a good experience, and it definitely has me in the mood for crime novels!

Anyway, if you’re in the DC area I definitely recommend this. I also recommend sunscreen and a personal fan. It was hot out.

Hope everyone’s weekend was as good as mine!


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  1. Kieryn,
    We had a great weekend too--it couldn't have been more fun for us! You are a delight to be around and you have a wonderful way of making things seem like an adventure. The H's