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Lack of Creativity

It’s one of those days where I can’t seem to be getting anything done.

In fact, that sentence was about the most productive I’ve been all day, if you don’t count going on the treadmill earlier.

It’s also one of those days where I have a list of things that need to be done—the storyboard for Rain’s sequel, algebra review, correspondence course, website ideas (website coming soon, btw., taekwondo practice, and this blog. So I’ve finally given myself a metaphorical push. I’m starting with the blog. It’s four p.m….the evening’s still young, right?

…Yeah, that was nothing short of sad. I was so worried about my lack of motivation earlier that I looked up my symptoms. I think I’m suffering from something called Procrastination. It’s a common affliction among teenagers, and I’m told the effects heighten in the summertime. It is apparently caused by an excess of distractions or extreme feelings of boredom concerning a task at hand. I think I have a combination of both.

Really, I have nothing to complain about. It’s summer! I’m getting published! I’m off to DC with my best friends this weekend! Still, I have a hard time remembering that when I’m working my way through the world’s most boring correspondence course, even if I know that if I just finish it now I’ll have a free period in my schedule come school season.

Last time I was procrastinating I ended up fiddling around on my computer putting together book cover ideas. Earlier that day I’d had a photo shoot with my best friend posing as Mel for a promo cover for Rain. RAIN is my novel that is being published by Echelon Press next year. Anyway, I was using some of those pictures on the basic pho

to-editing software my laptop provided, and I sent one or two to my cousin Henry for critique.

His response was typical Henry: something along the lines of “it's too pixilated, the image quality is low, and the font is a little too plain.” Of the second he said, “your choice of fonts it utterly terrible, I am sorry, but it is. I like the idea of it. I am going to do some changing.”

Next thing I know, he sends back this version of my second idea that has all these special effects and large title (with a Henry-approved font, of course) and he was going on about the SFX and inversion and magic wands and, well, my jaw literally dropped. I sent him all of the photo shoot pictures and said, “sic ’em.” After a while he sent on a few more versions. The general favorite (and my favorite as well!) is shown here.

Guess what time it is now? It’s almost 9 pm. (I had to go somewhere, so I took a break from writing this from about 5-8:30. I’m not that affected by procrastination…yet.) I’m going to wrap this pilot post up by saying, well, that’s a wrap, folks. Thanks for watching. Tune in tomorrow for…well, something.


P.S. I was having trouble thinking of a blog title—I kept coming up with bad puns, so I just went with my name. Sorry for today's lack of creativity!


  1. HI Kieryn! Congratulations on the book! I'm looking forward to showing up at your book signing (you will have one, right?) to get a copy autographed.

    Might I suggest adding "former figure skater" to your User Profile? :-)

    Love ya!

  2. Kieryn, Welcome to Echelon Press and congrats on your first book. Can't wait to read it.

  3. Thanks Beth :)
    And thank you too Gloria--good advice, so check that profile again now ;)

  4. Hello, Keiryn. I am a teenage author hopeful, though I'm off to a slow start, having several short stories done but no books. Also, I suck at names and endings. But it's nice to find another young writer!

  5. Hey Anonymous! I know what you mean, I used to have so much trouble with names and I get it's important to have the right ending. I still have the ending issue but I solved my name problem by finding baby names websites and browsing until the right one hit me! My favorite is It has popular baby names, as well as an advanced names search, meanings, and a bunch of unique lists of types of names...
    You just gave me an idea for a future blog post! :)