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Inspiration & Taekwondo

I love inspiration! It's a great way to get motivated to write, write, write, and, um, write. And it's also a superb excuse--wait, did I say excuse? I meant reason--to forgo working on that correspondence course and instead sit at my computer for hours researching to perfect the plotline. That means lots of Google. Google was my best friend today. Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Directions, and even regular old Google all were invaluable. If you looked at my Google history, you'd think I'm crazy--there's everything from "how to treat linear skull fractures" to "where is Hoopa Airport" and et cetera. It took me forever to exhaust my "I wonder..."s, but it was worth it.Yep. I did healthy yesterday. Today I'm computer potato.

Well, that's not completely true. I actually just got back from Taekwondo class, and I feel great. I've been doing Taekwondo almost exactly a year now. It's funny--I started for two reasons, and neither of those are the reasons I continued. The first reason is that I had been an ex-skater for a year and I needed to try a new form of excercise. Running was great and all, but it didn't require the same level of focus and coordination as skating had. The second reason was that I was in the middle of writing a novel (Rain!) about a spy, and I figured a spy would know hand-to-hand combat like the back of her hand. I, however, knew hand-to-hand combat like the face of a thousand dollar bill--I didn't. So I had myself think of the class as research.

I started in the beginning of September 2008. I loved Taekwondo right away, and I still do. I always leave class feeling good overall, strong, and ready to write some really great action scenes :) The other students are fun to work with and the instructors are just plain awesome. My self confidence has also improved drastically this past year. I recommend Taekwondo to anyone who wants to improve coordination, fitness, blow off steam, learn self-defense, or write an action novel. I get a lot of my best inspiration during class...I'm sure if you're a writer you can appreciate that!

Anyway, Taekwondo and writing are my physical and mental outlets, and it's great when they come together in the form of an epiphany. Try it sometime!



  1. Hi Kier!
    As one of your Instructors I wish to take the time to share that we appreciate your excitement for our classes and that we also find YOU to be an inspiration and you are exactly the type of student that continues to inspire us to be better Instructors, prepare better classes, and to ensure that all of our students get the best training so they can walk away feeling better about themselves mentally and physically after each class with us! Keep training you are getting better and stronger week by week!!!
    See you soon,
    Mrs. Cook

  2. Hey hon,
    So glad I got you in to TKD! It's so cool to have my own TKD buddy :) Ready to have a hard class tonight? Haha.