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Distractions, distractions...

I always seem to get distracted the most when what I'm am being distracted from is something I really want to be doing. Right now one semi distraction is that I'm trying to compose a playlist that's the right mood for my newest story idea (that I'm in love/totally preoccupied with!)... I have a random tip for writers trying to block out distractions (and I need to listen to this tip myself): make a playlist of songs that fits the mood of your story/scene, but make them songs you know pretty well so you're not subconsciously trying to understand the lyrics while you write. If they're songs you've heard a lot, it fades into background noise, which not only sets the mood but blocks out other distractions as well--especially if you use those huge silencing headphones :-)

...Unless you're like me and writing a blog post when you should be storyboarding.

That's another thing I love. Storyboarding. My form of storyboarding is blurting out everything, every idea for the story in chronological order and in whatever kind of formal or IM speak way I want, in one long document. Then I have everything down and it's time to write. (An added bonus is no one can understand the storyboard but me.)

Anyway, I've been trying to storyboard a lot today, but keep getting distracted by things like email and facebook and twitter (which I'm new on. Like, today-new. I think I'll be slow on there for a while until I get the hang of it!). Also I've been on the Harlequin Teen Panel forum page on and off, something I haven't done in a while. I had Taekwondo class today, though, which got me motivated again, so I've been working pretty diligently until

I'll get back to that then :-)

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  1. I love making a playlist for what I write. I just came up with a new idea and my fingers are literally tingling with the want to get this out. But as you can see, I'm here and watching The Nanny.
    Well back to it!